by Chef David McDowell
Chef David McDowell

"Giving food to people is one of the greatest expressions of love."

Update 11/15/2017: I still cook! I thought about branding some fudge but so far I just make it and give it away; my friends love this!

Update 5/9/2014: Has it really been that long since the last update? Well, fun abounds in the world of PuRHoM. A few recipes and how to's have been published on the FaceBook page.

Update 11/17/2011: We're going big time! This Saturday our Eastern NC BBQ Sauce will be flavoring a 110 lb. whole hog!

Update 10/24/2011: Began working with a 100+ yr old yeast bread recipe.

** Update 9/24/2011: PuRHoM WINS a blindly judged, private Eastern NC style BBQ competition! We won best Eastern NC style BBQ over Coopers, The Pit (Raleigh), Smithfields, Old North State BBQ food truck and Ole Time.

Update 9/6/2011: Indian food tasting hosted, butter chicken/chicken tikka complete!
Update 3/19/2011: "The Peruvian Experience" food tasting hosted for 8, great success!
Update 1/11/2011: just returned from culinary studies in Peru, food tastings to come.
Update 11/27/2010: Pan seared sea scallops, asparagus tasting #1 complete.
Update 6/5/2010: Breakfast sausage tasting #1 complete.
Update 4/5/2010: 4 days of intense training on Indian comfort food are complete.
Update 10/20/2009: Follow us on Twitter... it's slow going but progress continues.
Update 12/31/2008: 3rd menu item tested in one of my Food Tastings.
Update 11/1/2008: Logo and Name created, website registered.